“What’s your niche?”

It’s a question every blogger faces. Now I wouldn’t say I’m claustrophobic, but I find being catalogued creatively limiting. If you take into account my change of name, change of religion, change of country, amalgamation of culture, I think you’ll agree I’m kinda difficult to pin down.

GoldmanSachsWith today’s news of the distasteful practices that ensure promotion in the banking firm Goldman Sachs, comes the revelation of another whistle-blower, someone speaking out at detriment to themselves about something they find morally wrong, unwilling and unable to keep quiet no matter what their financial reward for doing so; following in the footsteps of Bradley Manning, Jeffrey Wigand and Karen Silkwood, to name just a few.

 They have them here too!

I’ve only ever seen spelling bees in the movies so it’s another piece of Americana coming to life before my very eyes! It reminds me of our inappropriate joy at spotting fire hydrants – I am of course referring to the children here, I’d just like to make that clear… 

mental-health-problemsThe coming week will see the first in a series of posts exploring taboo issues. Entitled “Breaking the Code of Silence”, the series is dedicated to fighting the stigma surrounding mental health issues, by bringing them out into the open and encouraging the sharing and discussion of subjects that people usually associate with shame, embarrassment and fear.

Travel illusion: The awkward African diptych [VID] | Matador Network.

A thought provoking piece for all the expat bloggers and travel-writers out there. It’s getting away from the caricatures that makes a piece more memorable and evocative… deceptively simple in theory but requires more effort in reality. Those “tried and tested” idioms just “roll off the tongue”…