Who Are the Taliban?

As Malala Yousefzai lies in a Pakistani hospital recovering from a gunshot to the head, the Taliban have once again grabbed the headlines.But who are they? Once we start down the road of believing extremism to be a more devout form of Islam where does that leave the peaceful Muslim majority? Where does that leave Malala?

How eco-friendly is Canada?

So many things exist here as polar opposites: the freezing winters and hot summers, the high quality of fresh fruit and veg and the omnipotence of junk food, the friendly polite people who turn into savages when they get behind the wheel…

The same can be said of Canada’s attitude to the environment…

Kids in crisis – the repercussions of abuse

Picture yourself in the following situation…

As a baby, you entered the world unwanted. If you had any doubts about that as you got older they were erased by the knowledge that your mother “gave you away” to be raised by a fellow stripper with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. So it’s true; she really didn’t give a **** about you. You tell yourself you’re glad you never knew her. Does it stop the pain?

A Matter of Faith

I remember the furore about Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses”, and the apoplexy over the Danish newspaper cartoon depictions of the prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). When the Monty Python film “Life of Brian” was released it was shunned by the big broadcasting corporations and banned by borough councils around Britain. But is making it illegal to criticise religion the way to go?

Corruption in Canada

We can all name a few lawless locations in countries around the world, where the authorities are authorities in name only – parts of Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, readily spring to mind. But what about Canada – good old calm, conservative, wouldn’t-dream-of-being-rude Canada?