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Not only do we have the phenomenal Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to look forward to in September, now a whole new movie experience awaits at Toronto Harbour.  Drive-in movie theatres are ten-a-penny here in Ontario, but this is taking it to a different level. ‘Scuse me while I go and ready the yacht!

Sail-In Cinema brings floating movies to Toronto.


Future Expats Forum | Best Countries for Quality of Life in 2011.

Not too many surprises here… good to see Canada fares pretty well overall in everything BUT environment. Still, some work to do decreasing the cars on the roads, increasing the numbers on transit and educating people on looking after their environment…


Pepperoni is the new Cheese! – Food in Canada

The Toronto Star has been running a weekly series called “What’s For Dinner”, where a reporter goes to an Average Joe’s home to see what they cook for dinner and to inventory the contents of their freezer and pantry. This weeks’ lucky reader was a single “Mom” of two young children who served up something called Ground Beef Chop Suey…

Petrol be praised, we’re mobile again!

A cause for celebration! After a year of pedestrianism in the country where Car is King, we are finally getting our own set of wheels. After months of trying to find ways around the various restraints imposed by a work visa we lucked out with a sweet deal from the boys at Jeep.