When we moved to Canada EVERYTHING seemed different from what we were used to back home in Britain – roads were wider, cars were bigger, trucks, trains, houses, shops…. the list went on and on. It was all quite overwhelming at first, but a year on, our eyes have got used to a lot of things and now I wonder what it will be like when we visit the UK again… will the roads seem tiny? Can I still parallel park in a tight space? Will passersby seem unfriendly? (many people say “Hello” here, when they pass on the street)

Pictures are a great way of documenting feelings as well as images, they serve as a visual cue for what you felt when you first saw the scene, sometimes taking you right back to that time and place. I hope these pictures will remind me of all the things that filled us with wonderment and awe when we first arrived here, and give us joy when we think back to the early days…

map of canada
It’s a big place…


The majority of the pictures in this blog have been taken by us during our time here. © Aisha Ashraf


  1. This is a great way to remind yourself of time spent! What a great blog! I hope you are enjoying your new home and as a fellow Canadian, welcome! 😀

    1. Thank you for the compliments, and for the warm welcome, which has been characteristic of all Canadians we have met so far! You have a very beautiful country 🙂

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