How eco-friendly is Canada?

So many things exist here as polar opposites: the freezing winters and hot summers, the high quality of fresh fruit and veg and the omnipotence of junk food, the friendly polite people who turn into savages when they get behind the wheel…

The same can be said of Canada’s attitude to the environment…

7 things to remember when moving to Canada

You could be forgiven for thinking moving to Canada doesn’t entail the same consideration journeying to a third world country might. After all, it has a stable economy, an established infrastructure and an accepting attitude, right? But it’s always the small, innocuous things that lurk below our radar that can make life miserable with their irksomeness if overlooked.

A-Z of Canada: B is for Bi-Lingual

Canada is officially a bi-lingual country. English and French are both enshrined in its constitution – although strangely, learning French is not compulsory in the education system. All federal services, policies and laws must be enacted and available in both languages. All MP’s, including the Prime Minister, need to be fluent in them. Canada’s premier, Stephen Harper, routinely fields queries in both French and English at Prime Minister’s Questions.