Who Are the Taliban?

As Malala Yousefzai lies in a Pakistani hospital recovering from a gunshot to the head, the Taliban have once again grabbed the headlines.But who are they? Once we start down the road of believing extremism to be a more devout form of Islam where does that leave the peaceful Muslim majority? Where does that leave Malala?

The truth about Islam

As someone who became a muslim by choice I look around sometimes and think “What have I done?” So much of what I researched and felt a connection with is misrepresented in the world. Did I misunderstand? Was there something I missed?

Censorship – muslims caught in the middle

Earlier this year I joined thousands of other websites and “blacked out” for the day to protest against PIPA & SOPA; laws being drafted to restrict freedom of expression. I initially thought this was my first direct experience with censorship, but in reality, I’ve been exposed to it for the past decade;

ever since I became a Muslim…