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Mindfulness in Depression Relapse Prevention – Thoughts are not facts

Problems occur when we attach too much importance to mental commentary. We treat a stream of ideas as fact, and they crystallize into negative thoughts that become difficult to step back from. This session looks at ways of having a different relationship with our thoughts – how we can observe them from a distance and learn from them…

The science behind Mindfulness

For those who remain unconvinced or sceptical of the benefits of mindfulness, here’s Professor Mark Williams, director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, explaining the scientific studies that prove unequivocally how it can help with depression. Quite why they interviewed him in a storage-cupboard is unclear, but it’s great to be part of research that results… Continue reading The science behind Mindfulness

Mindfulness in Depression Relapse Prevention – Facing Difficulties

I’m amazed and thrilled at the progress I’m making when it comes to learning to understand and live with my condition. Instead of trying to free myself from difficulties (which, let’s face it, is just setting yourself up for disappointment) I’m learning to deal with, and see them, differently. It truly is revelatory and I feel like SHOUTING IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!!! But I’ll content myself with trying to explain it in a way that I hope you’ll understand…

Mindfulness in Depression Relapse Prevention – Exploring the landscape of depression

Over the past few weeks I’ve developed a foundation of mindfulness. I’m ready to extend this skill to the thoughts and feelings I experience when depression is lurking. I’ve built up my mindfulness muscle – now it’s time to flex it and see what it can do.