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Point & Shoot: Shopping in a snowstorm

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ur weekends generally follow a familiar pattern: breakfast like kings, lounge around in PJ’s until the afternoon, then get out and do something with the remainder of the day.

Like groundhogs we stay holed up long past the time everyone else is up. Most Canadian families are early weekend risers, groggily driving kids to distant ice-rinks and shivering into their coffee while hockey coaches hone the next Gretzky. There’s an advert running at the moment that portrays this group effort beautifully. #WeAllPlayForCanada


This weekend we had errands to run. (It’s funny, ‘running errands’ was a phrase I never used before we moved to Canada, but everyone says it here and it seems I’m becoming assimilated!)

With T’s birthday a week away we still needed to pick up a few things so after a hearty breakfast (that saw K spread butter on his warm muffin – is someone else assimilating?) and some GORGEOUS Costa Rican coffee we headed out into the snowstorm.

In Canada you don’t let a trifling inconvenience like a blizzard interfere with your plans. The snowfall seemed to ease so K shovelled the drive before we left – not that you could tell by the time we got home.

All in all a productive day: grocery shop done (with dancing), party loot bags sorted and, an extra, never-before-known bonus – Valentines cards and favours bought well in advance (makes a change from my usual modus operandi: leave it till the night before).

Before we knew it the weekend was over and we were wading through snowdrifts on our way to school…

Enjoy the pictures!




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