Tractor-trailer powers through blizzard
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We Hunkered Down & Pressed On…

Tractor-trailer powers through blizzard

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]arlier this week I mentioned how the current freeze reminded me of our first Canadian winter, four years ago. UK southern softies fresh from London life, we had none of the protective, insulating clothing most Canadians take for granted and thanks to the cost of relocating and astronomical insurance rates for foreign drivers, it was a year before we even had a car. In Canada. Home of Drive-Thru everything, where Car is King.

We used to play “Spot The Pedestrian” from our living room window, they were so few. My husband cycled to work through blizzards, and grocery shopping for a young family of five was a trial of endurance – when Pampers were on offer I walked 3.5km home through the snow with a jumbo box under each arm!

Click through to my Expat Focus column and read my full description of what it was like to be cold and carless in Canada… I’d love to hear your comments!





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