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The weekend was, as usual, far too short but knowing we have a four-day week to scrabble through to the Christmas holidays none of us are too troubled.

I woke after 8am, padded downstairs and put the kettle on. Minutes later I was snuggled in J’s bed as both of us indulged our love of bed tea and a good book while K snoozed on and T & S watched ‘Dora’ below. Over the next hour we kept wordless company in bookish bliss, occasionally breaking the silence to share a ‘too-good-to-keep-to-oneself’ line from Atticus Claw or a tenth century Persian quatrain. 

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” 
― Omar Khayyám, The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

As regular visitors here already know, our Saturdays or Sundays inevitably begin with that stalwart of weekend feelgoodness – the pancake breakfast. A weekend without K’s American pancakes just seems a trifle bleak, a missed opportunity for cheer and celebration.

Constant coverage of an impending snowstorm – with predictions of anything from 5-15cm of snow – meant Saturday was spent in a state of suspended excitement as we waited for it to hit. But we couldn’t sit around watching the skies all day so, with breakfast digested, we braved the burgeoning blizzard to run a few errands and take advantage of the incredible deals in the supermarket.

Back home with shopping unpacked and put away (this always gives me an intense squirrel-like contentment, as though the Canadian winter could lay siege to us for as long as it liked and we would barely notice its privations) K and I chopped, julienned and sliced our way to a delicious Chinese stir-fry. Dinnertable discussion centred around the merits of vegetables and a variety of colours on your plate. T was proud he could count water-chestnuts, beansprouts and pak choi as part of his arsenal in claiming the title of ‘tallest in the class’ at school. Not bad for a kid to whom a love of fruit and veg didn’t come easily. Clean plates all round!

I spent the evening agonising over which photos to include in an interview I’m giving for a photography series over on Displaced Nation (will post a link when it’s up) – how to chose just six from sixty thousand! So many favorites had to be discarded…


Aaaahhh... the hobbyhorse weightlifting phase *sigh*
Aaaahhh… the hobbyhorse weightlifting phase *sigh*


Following the theme of the previous evening, Sunday found us embracing the philosophy further, becoming vegetables ourselves to photosynthesize a marathon of ‘Home Alone’ (I think Kevin McCallister might just be T’s new hero – “That boy is soooooo smart!”). Unfortunately this vegetative state unwisely persisted well beyond the kids bath and bedtime for K and I, and into the early hours thanks to back-to-back episodes of Paranormal Activity that had us checking behind doors on our way to bed at 2.30am.



What is it about getting spooked that makes you giggle?

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By Aisha Ashraf

An autistic Irish immigrant in a cross-cultural marriage, Aisha Ashraf is the archetypal outlander, writing to root herself through place and perspective. Published in The Rumpus, The Maine Review, River Teeth, HuffPost and elsewhere, her work explores the legacy of trauma, the nature of being an outsider and the narrow confines of belonging. She currently lives in Canada.


    1. Thank you Liska! I was always hopeless at keeping a diary when younger – my sister and I both! There’d be months of silence which we’d refer to jokingly as ‘comas’.

  1. I’m so very jealous of your snow! I keep opening the curtains every morning with a little bit of hope of seeing the white stuff only for that hope to be dashed!
    I love the pancake breakfast and as it’s been months since we last had pancakes I reckon a pancake breakfast is on the cards one day next week during the school holidays 🙂

    1. We’re making the most of the snow today – it has such a short shelf-life. Mind you, the kids still play on the piles left by the snowploughs long after they’ve turned the colour of demerera sugar!

    1. Oh drivers here have a kamikazee streak! 1700 collisions in Ontario in the last couple of days. People drive like nutters, too fast, too close and on the phone, even in this weather…

  2. I need to be better about putting more vegetables on the table… My kids are not so fond of them because of me! The snow looks like from the different time to me as we live in India and the weather here is warm. I am loving it. The breakfast table looks amazing! Your kids are so lucky!

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