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Point & Shoot: Christmas comes early



Ever since we closed the door on November the kids have been excitedly counting the days to December 8th and this weekend the wait was finally over. We primped and preened ourselves into party dresses and smart collars and headed down to K’s office on the shore of Lake Ontario for the annual company Children’s Christmas Party.

It’s the one time of year when the kids can eat themselves silly on Timbits and pizza, the cartons of every juice imaginable never run out, and the appearance of Santa Claus is a dead cert.

I swear every time I looked for T he was at the Timbits table trying desperately to carry seven or more away on a napkin, while S preferred a drive-by approach, deftly picking one and cramming it whole into her mouth as she walked purposefully away, looking for all the world like she just got lucky and never planned the whole execution at all.

As usual there were tables of crafts for anyone who thought their clothes needed extra pizazz – a dab of glue here, some glitter there – and coffee on tap for the grown-ups. Comedy and magic put the inevitable sugar high to good use and J was thrilled when she was picked to assist with a trick. All three kids really enjoyed the audience participation aspect this year with T even attempting a solo rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer when he thought DeeJay the Clown needed clarification.

I think, when the moment came, all dinner-table discussion the previous night about whether this Santa was the real one or an impostor was instantly forgotten. Santa didn’t disappoint and somehow everyone ended up with their hearts desire. S has been living in her gift ever since.

Babies were in abundance this year (not as gifts mind you, as attendees) and K must have held 50% of them  – he’s a natural ‘baby-whisperer’ and with our youngest now a ‘mature’ three he has to get his fix where he can! As for me, I was happy to walk away with four promising titles from the secondhand book table at the back of the room for no more than $3. Looks like Christmas just got started!

How’s your Christmas shaping up? Are you feeling it yet or still scrabbling to get organised? If it’s any consolation I still need to get the tree up but I’ll always find time for a sneaky peak at what others are up. If you fancy procrastinating with me head over to for more weekend snapshots.





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