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Whenever we get a craving for some fresh-fried chip-shop fare we head out to Captain George’s in Brooklin. The fish’n’chips may not come wrapped in newspaper – but then again, it doesn’t back in the UK anymore either. The fish is crispy, the portions HUGE and the lemon tartare sauce is just ‘Mmmmmmmm!’

Oh, and they have great pie.

Even if fish isn’t your thing, it’s worth it just for the feeling of sitting in an American diner like the ones you see in the movies 😉


By Aisha Ashraf

Aisha Ashraf is a nomadic Irish writer of creative non-fiction and poetry, currently based on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewaki, Haudenosaunee, and Mississauga First Nations, in Ontario, Canada. Her work has been published in River Teeth, The Huffington Post, and the UK’s Independent and Daily Telegraph newspapers.

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  1. We had the urge yesterday and availed ourselves of the delicious, deep-fried heart attacks served up by the Grosvenor Fish Bar here in Norwich. It gets my vote because punters are welcome to finger the catch over a pint in the pub opposite 😀

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