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RIP Google Reader



As some of you already know, Google Reader is leaving this world on July 1st. If you’re one of the many affected, you should have had time to work your way through the various stages of grief by now…


DISBELIEF – “What? NO! This can NOT be happening! Is this a hoax?” 
ANGER – “Bloody Google – how can they do this? I just alphabetized my listings headings”
BARGAINING – “Maybe they’ll make a new version with dazzling features and a time travel option.”
DEPRESSION – “We’d all be better off if the internet had never been born.”
ACCEPTANCE – It’s happening. What are my options?”


If you’ve just pulled your head out of the sand and realised time is short, grab your coffee, your stressball or your cross-stitch, take a deep breath, and I’ll show you some alternatives to losing your perfectly pruned and honed list of blogs you’ve become attached to over the years.

RSS or email

When you subscribe to a blog, you have two options – email or RSS feed. I don’t know about you, but my Google Reader is like the cupboard under the stairs – I don’t go in often and when I do it’s either to add a new treasure, or with the intention of reading some of the great content I signed up for. Inevitably, what actually happens is a random and bloody delete-fest as I panic, overwhelmed by hundreds of unread posts. I’m sure I trash some great content in the clean-up and I come away feeling negative about the whole experience. Google have said there’s been a decline in the usage of Google Reader, so I’m not the only one feeling the drag.

Defecting to the other side

With Feedburner also going the way of the Dodo some time in the future I decided it was time to take a leap before I was pushed. I became an email subscriber. Getting posts delivered to my inbox means I’m more realistic about what I commit to reading, skimming just the cream of the content I was previously trying to absorb.  With so many great curators on social media these days I’m comfortable if something’s good it’ll turn up elsewhere.

Get it while it’s hot

Google Reader taught me if you don’t read recreational content when you get it, you usually end up not reading it at all – just deleting it once it’s grown stale. Now I read my selected few when I open my mail and if there’s anything I haven’t got around to after a week or two  I trash it. BIG relief! I feel energised and efficient, I read stuff at the zenith of its relevancy and I don’t have the chore of RSS housekeeping anymore.

Try it!

If you currently receive my updates through Google Reader, you can switch to email quickly and easily here. I still use Feedburner but that’ll be something for me to deal with when the time comes. All you need to do is sit back, relax and have the coffee ready in the morning when you open your inbox.

But, if you’re a die-hard RSS fan who am I to judge? Here’s a link to some alternative options you might want to consider...


As they say in the South,

“Y’all come back now!”



  • Carole

    Hi Aisha,

    I’ve obviously had my head in the sand as I did not have a clue about this until I read your post. In fact, I don’t even know which reader I use.

    Great post BTW!


  • Anne O'Connell (@annethewriter)

    Hi Aisha,
    I started subscribing to blogs that I really wanted to follow a while back but also cringed to think that Google Reader was going away. I just converted to Feedly and it was a piece of cake!

    If you’re using Google Reader the first time you open Feedly it will ask you if you want to convert and it’s a click of the button!

    Have fun!

    • Aisha Ashraf

      Thanks for the feedback Anne – word of mouth is so much more reassuring than any of the sponsored posts online 😉 A lot of these readers are coming out of the woodwork now and they’ve cottoned on to the idea of making switching a simple click to import your Google Reader data.

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