Canadian Tire money
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You know you’re settled in Canada when…


  • you recognize all the Vinyl Café stories and look forward to re-hearing the funny bits
  • you have more than one snow shovel
  • the temperature gauge hovers around freezing so you leave the gloves at home
  • you no longer notice the Canadianisms in your kids’ speech
  • you don’t really notice the bugs and mozzies anymore either
  • you can calculate 13% in seconds
  • you high-five without thinking
  • you’re no longer embarrassed to be seen in your pyjamas
  • you have either Caesar or Ranch dressing in your fridge: if you’re hardcore, both
  • you have a stash of clipped coupons
  • you can buy an O Henry with Canadian Tire money
  • you know better than to pay full price for cereal
  • you have Costco membership
  • you know all the words to the Marineland commercial
  • you discuss the effect of the economy on your “pocketbook”



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