“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

Insulation by Cadburys

…you just never know when it’s going to be delivered!

Today brought a return to more seasonal temperatures (with a windchill of seventeen below) and a long-awaited package…

Insulation by Cadburys

As a Brit living in Canada, my relationship with Cadburys has been “complicated”. I’ve written about the highs and lows before, in Dear Dairymilk, and the difficulty of accepting the flirtatious flavours of foreign pretenders, in It’s chocolate Jim, but not as we know it. But it’s true what they say – you never forget your first love.

Nothing warms you like the love of good friends, who remember you despite their own troubles and the many miles between you.

For Jenny

Whitby Shores, Whitby, Ontario

By Aisha Ashraf

An autistic Irish immigrant in a cross-cultural marriage, Aisha Ashraf is the archetypal outlander, writing to root herself through place and perspective. Published in The Rumpus, The Maine Review, River Teeth, HuffPost and elsewhere, her work explores the legacy of trauma, the nature of being an outsider and the narrow confines of belonging. She currently lives in Canada.


  1. We still get chocolate sent here from the U.K. – and when living there we had Kraft Dinner and Premium Plus crackers sent to us. Was thrilled when the first Tim Horton’s came to Northern Ireland … but, alas, it wasn’t quite the same …

      1. It sure did. No cream for the coffee (only milk) and the donuts were a poor imitation of what you’d find here. It was a shadow of itself, certainly, but it filled the craving a bit which made it worthwhile…

          1. It’s true! Milk only over there. So I became used to ordering lattes when (obviously not from Timmie’s) so that I didn’t miss the cream.

  2. Oh my goodness! The best milk chocolate in the universe!! Actually looking at that photo made my mouth water… I don’t know why Cadbury’s don’t seem to export but it’s very hard to find in Jamaica too, and very pricey. 🙁 Having said that I actually prefer dark, dark chocolate. But…Cadbury’s IS special.

  3. Living in Northern Minnesota I used to love it when my family would go on a long weekend to Canada–it meant I could buy a Cadbury’s Crunchie from a gas station!! I LOVED those, so exotic to an American kid in the 1980’s. I never even realised it would be different to a UK Crunchie.

    1. You probably wouldn’t have cared about the nuances of taste at the time 🙂 Did you ever save the packaging and try and wrap it round a Mr Big or something? 😉

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