Toronto Time-Lapse

Toronto Time-Lapse

English: Night lapse of the 401. Even at 9:30p...

The kids love a trip into the big smoke, especially if we decide to take the GO train, but once you’re there it can sometimes be difficult to see the beauty in the unforgiving concrete and bustling crowds. Next time I find myself exasperated on a Toronto sidewalk with moaning children and an absent sense of direction, I’ll try to remember the beauty that surrounds me when viewed from a different angle and remind myself that I’m one small part of a living, breathing bigger picture…


Turn up the volume and enjoy this time-lapse treat courtesy of Ryan Emond:


And if that didn’t speak to your heart, take a look at Tom Ryaboi’s City Rising:

Whitby Shores, Whitby, Ontario

By Aisha Ashraf

An autistic Irish immigrant in a cross-cultural marriage, Aisha Ashraf is the archetypal outlander, writing to root herself through place and perspective. Published in The Rumpus, The Maine Review, River Teeth, HuffPost and elsewhere, her work explores the legacy of trauma, the nature of being an outsider and the narrow confines of belonging. She currently lives in Canada.

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  1. I love human creativity. These are cool! It was weird (in a good way) how some of the shots in the first one almost looked like toy models. Hard to explain what I mean.

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