Is language in danger?

My childhood lists...

Language is a living, evolving entity, but doesn’t it need nurturing and protection like any other living thing? We seek to preserve species, geographical sites and places of historical interest – what about the tools with which we convey our deepest instincts, fears and truths – the essence of what it is to be human?

Mindfulness in Depression Relapse Prevention – Thoughts are not facts

Problems occur when we attach too much importance to mental commentary. We treat a stream of ideas as fact, and they crystallize into negative thoughts that become difficult to step back from. This session looks at ways of having a different relationship with our thoughts – how we can observe them from a distance and learn from them…

Who Are the Taliban?

As Malala Yousefzai lies in a Pakistani hospital recovering from a gunshot to the head, the Taliban have once again grabbed the headlines.But who are they? Once we start down the road of believing extremism to be a more devout form of Islam where does that leave the peaceful Muslim majority? Where does that leave Malala?