liebster award

Something from the mists of Time…

liebster awardWay back in distant February, I was nominated for my second Liebster Blog award by the highly complimentary and necessarily patient Sami from sami’s colourful world. Profuse and humble apologies to the lovely Sami, for taking this long to publicly acknowledge her kindness. 

While I’m not sure I actually qualify anymore, having been blogging for nine months now and acquired a following well in excess of the 200 stated, as a recipient of this award it’s my duty to recommend five new blogs and in the spirit of paying it forward, here they are:

  1. Heavens With Lamps – For all the amateur astronomers out there.
  2. seventhvoice –  Autism, Education, Childhood and other terrors.
  3. flyawayhomebook – Maggie has just achieved a dream of mine. She’s published a book about her journey through life. Go see what the Myklebust’s been up to!
  4. Petchary’s Blog – Like me, no spring chicken anymore when it comes to blogging, but she has a fantastic voice and gives me an insight into Jamaican life. How could I not include her?
  5. Broken Light: A Photography Collective – fantastic shots and a little about the artists, all sufferers of mental illness and using photography to communicate how it feels.



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