It’s been a busy week…

versatileblogger-awardIt started on Monday with the news that our expat story was published in the UK’s Telegraph, a big broadsheet with international distribution. Then came the news that I’d been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award again… twice!

So to save time and everyone’s patience I’m combining the two of them into this one post. First of all, effusive “thank you’s” to both Maggie at FlyAwayHome and the elephant rider who is the author behind Expat Alien. Both of these are relatively new blogs and definitely worth having a gander at!

Without further ado, time to bare my soul yet again and tell you another 7 things about myself – and before you ask; NO I’m not giving away fourteen, this isn’t “Hello” magazine…

  1. I was caned at school when I was six or seven. Ireland banned the use of corporal punishment in schools in January 1982 but it was still going on at my school right up until I left in 1984 when my family moved to the UK. Wooden rulers and bamboo canes were the favoured weapons and you could hear the cries of unfortunate victims echoing in the stone corridors of the school. Everyone dreaded becoming old enough to enter the headmaster, Mr Warren’s class where, it was rumoured, you could be caned for as insignificant an act as dropping something on the floor.
  2. I once arrived at school by combine harvester when our car failed to start one morning. All the boys were deeply impressed. The girls… not so much.
  3. Fear of failure is my biggest motivator and also my biggest obstacle.
  4. I’ve hit golf-balls off the end of the jetty into Lock Lake, Portsmouth as the sun came up.
  5. I suffered from SPD/Pelvic Girdle Disorder in the last two of my pregnancies which meant I was on crutches, unable to hoover, iron, push a supermarket trolley or drive. The pain was intense and the “clunking” noise my bones made when I tried to turn over in bed still makes me shudder when I remember it.
  6. I was suspended from boarding school for flicking ink all over the back of my maths teacher every time she walked past my desk. She was unaware of the Jackson Pollack-style creation she sported until someone in the staff-room told her. I never did like maths…
  7.  I can swear in Punjabi.

And now for some recommended reading… I’m nominating the following blogs for the award – take a look:

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International Couples.netLove across countries and cultures.
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Let’s Eat Healthier A good friend of mine is trying to save us from dietary doom. Make sure you try the carrot cake… and the banana muffins… and the honey and mustard dressing…  Listen – take it from one who knows; these are delicious!

That should be enough to keep you going for awhile… 



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