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The Telegraph is a broadsheet newspaper distributed throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Today, the story of how we embarked on our expatriate journey is featured in it. Click on the link below to read it…

Culture-shock bit us, but now Toronto is our home – Telegraph.

Whitby Shores, Whitby, Ontario

By Aisha Ashraf

An autistic Irish immigrant in a cross-cultural marriage, Aisha Ashraf is the archetypal outlander, writing to root herself through place and perspective. Published in The Rumpus, The Maine Review, River Teeth, HuffPost and elsewhere, her work explores the legacy of trauma, the nature of being an outsider and the narrow confines of belonging. She currently lives in Canada.


  1. We have family here from Canada who gave Australia a brief whirl, couldn’t settle, but have now been Canadian residents for 36 years. They bemoan the winters in Calgary but aren’t moving back any time soon. Glad you took the opportunity and hope it all works out.

    1. Thanks Jo! We’re living in limbo at the moment, not knowing if we’ll settle here or move on somewhere else. We also still have our home in the UK. Lots of possibilities but an unsettling lack of certainty. I’ve given up making plans – nothing forces you to live in the moment like expat life 🙂

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