Depression – The person behind the disorder

It’s easy to think of mental illness purely in terms of symptoms and statistics, but what of the people behind the disorders? What’s the reality for them? Here Jackie attempts to explain what it’s like living with depression…

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Whitby Shores, Whitby, Ontario

By Aisha Ashraf

Aisha Ashraf is a nomadic Irish writer of creative non-fiction and poetry, currently based on the traditional territory of the Anishinabewaki, Haudenosaunee, and Mississauga First Nations, in Ontario, Canada. Her work has been published in River Teeth, The Huffington Post, and the UK’s Independent and Daily Telegraph newspapers.


  1. I can really relate to this. Really. I am going to share this with a number of people in Jamaica, including Mensana, an NGO support group that helps people with mental illness. She IS very brave, I applaud her. I am sure her words will help many people understand. It is brilliant that you posted this. Jackie is a wonderful person. Thanks.

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