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Declutter Your Life – Emigrate!

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]k. Maybe that’s a bit extreme. But have you ever been surprised how much “stuff” you own? Minimalism is easy when you’re a couple, but add children to the mix and your “Stuff Quotient” soars. Strollers, highchairs, stair-gates and outgrown apparel populate the shadows of the basement or gather dust in the attic. With children, comes a move to a bigger place, perhaps with a garden, and suddenly you have “outdoor stuff” too – mowers, blowers, trimmers and garden furniture. There’s an urge to fill the new living space with more “stuff” that somehow represents and defines you – your beliefs, your personality, your memories.

Some are born minimalist, some achieve minimalism and some have minimalism thrust upon them… we fell into the latter category when we moved to Canada. Read the full story in my column over at Expat Focus.


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