The versatile blogger award


The Versatile Blogger AwardThe Unexpected Traveller has magnanimously bestowed upon me the honour of The Versatile Blogger Award.

So, it’s down to me to pay it forward to a few worthy bloggers. Here’s what I could muster:

There must be something in there for everyone! Now I have to tell you “7 Thing’s About Me”:

  1. I hate mushrooms
  2. I have eaten snails though, work THAT one out!
  3. I smoked marijuana in a convent
  4. I was once recommended to become a professional show-jumper
  5. I learnt to play the violin (badly)
  6. I set off the fire alarm at school (it was an accident, honest!)
  7. I almost joined the Royal Air Force as a Navigator

There we go, as they say in Canada, “I’ve done my doody!”

Over and out!

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