The Gift of Hope

I am both flattered and touched to have been nominated for a HUG Award© from the talented Julie Dawn Fox, the inspiration behind the “Personal A-Z” phenomenon and author of one of a number of excellent blogs coming out of Portugal right now.

You can find out more about The HUG Award© and its purpose here, but briefly, it’s aim is to keep hope alive in a world filled with difficulty and discord. It recognises and honours those who do what they can to help others regardless of belief, ability, race and gender.

It’s some accolade, and I will do all I can to support the integrity and further the cause of those on the front line of the fight for inclusion, acceptance, understanding, equality, and freedom. By accepting this award I would like to draw your attention to some people who are vociferous in their appeals for unity, credibility and recognition on behalf of others. I nominate:

  • Raheel Raza for her tireless promotion of cultural and religious diversity, bridging the gap between East and West with her celebration of differences.
  • Jeremy Gilley and his inspirational movement PeaceOneDay, an annual day of global unity when intercultural cooperation, on a scale previously unheard of, allows us to reach those trapped behind violence and war. He has proved to the world that one person CAN make a difference.
  • Bi[polar] Curious, a relatively new blog I came across recently, whose author is documenting living with Bi-Polar Disorder (previously known as Manic Depression) and sharing her insights with the wider world in an effort to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health issues and educate the mis-informed.
  • Annie of Mammasaurus and LoveAllBlogs fame. Despite having come through some tough experiences, her altruistic nature remains undented and her energy and seemingly endless patience and understanding are qualities I aspire to. The woman would split her last measure of gin with you if it came down to it! She’s also amazingly creative (sigh!).

To find out more about The HUG Award©, have a look at the website, nominees please be aware of the guidelines. All that’s left for me to say is a heartfelt “Thankyou” to Connie Wayne at A Hope For Today for initiating this propagator of positivity.


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