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Lowe’s sinks to new low

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Lowe’s, the home improvement chain, removed their ads from a programme that portrays muslims as decent average people.

Apparently they caved under pressure from Christian groups. Now their Facebook page has become a magnet for islamophobic hate-speech, which Lowe’s, in their infinite bigotry, has left for all to see. They have ignored calls for it’s removal, thus fanning the flames of issues the programme they pulled their ads from sought to educate about. Lowe’s, your islamophobia just made me a Home Depot customer…


  • linda@adventuresinexpatland.com

    What were they thinking? (Lowe’s and the ones leaving the charming messages on FB) Years ago I remember a business ethics class in which the instructor told us a handy rule of thumb was ‘Just don’t do or say things that you wouldn’t want printed on the front page of the Washington Post or told to your mother’. Now people brazenly and proudly post their small-mindedness for all to see. Sad. Really sad.

    • expatlogue

      I expect the PR person at Lowe’s is now looking for a new job! In today’s identity driven society, where we have to be able to encapsulate who and what we are into a status update or 140 characters, people think their beliefs speak for them. A strong conviction is seen by many as something positive and admirable – never mind that it’s been adopted without much thought or research. The worst thing you can do is sit on the fence and think things through!
      When I decided to convert to Islam, it was not a “cool” thing to be muslim, 9/11 was fresh in everyone’s minds and people viewed muslims with suspicion and contempt. But my research had convinced me that it made a lot of sense. When my father used to throw unjust and untrue accusations at me, I couldn’t let them go – I had to deny them, even though I knew it would result in an explosion of violence. My mother always said I should learn to keep my mouth shut, but I think everyone has a sense of right and wrong and if you suppress it, mute it, after a while you are no longer able to hear it. You “kill” a little bit of yourself. That “still, small voice” is all you have to guide you through the transitory shades of the world we live in. You have to be true to it. But, I guess for people like the racist commenters on Lowe’s Fb page, there will always be another bandwagon to jump on…

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