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Nude yoga: Now available in Toronto

naked yoga
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Nude yoga: Not just for the Kardashians – I didn’t even know nude yoga existed, nevermind that you can do it in Toronto if you so choose. Why anyone would want to practice their asanas naked in a roomful of similarly (un)clad people completely eludes me, unless it is to decrease their sensitivity to unpleasant sights. Probably best to concentrate on your Downward-Facing Dog and not look around too much. As a machine, the human body is unsurpassed – as a thing of beauty, it doesn’t always hit the mark. I know that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but it doesn’t mean literally in your face! I wonder if there are hygiene requirements….. perhaps a rub-down with hand sanitiser on entering, otherwise, this is all very un-Canadian!

Anyway, wonderful to know that Toronto caters to everyone, including the more perverse among us. I expect when the yoga class finishes, they all go home and catch up on the days events with Naked News. Billed as


The only program of its kind in the world that is real news, sports, entertainment and infotainment programs delivered by a roster of all-nude, attractive & intelligent women


Naked news
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I can only imagine that these women are privy to a higher form of intelligence, that I, with my pedestrian IQ, can ever hope to attain. This is obvious in the fact that the news they are delivering is “real” news. This must be such a comfort to their viewers, who are obviously very concerned with transparency. I’m sure truth and accuracy are uppermost in their minds when they watch the show, and this is why they just can’t rely on CNN or NBC to deliver an honest, unbiased programme.

After all, people are so much more believable when they are naked. Just ask the yoga class…



    • expatlogue

      Gives me the heebie jeebies, I’m telling you! Just goes to show, one man’s torture is another man’s spiritual growth. I’m off to join my local waterboarding club…

  • Asha

    Yes..but where are the 3 hundred pound people? I wonder if this is yet another way for the exhibitionist and “hotties” to get their yaya’s in public and have it be” legitimate”. I wonder if the class were filled with obese clients that some would feel different about a nude class…not that there is anything wrong with obese people that they cannot be looked upon while nude…my point is directed at perhaps the slim know the ones that go the gym wearing next to nothing, who do nothing but flirt and show off their bodacious bods…maybe they are looking for another venue to show off the extra they had hiding under their spandex..

  • The Unexpected Traveller

    People are so much more believable when they’re naked, huh? That would mean that for us to believe your story, we have to suppose that you write naked …

  • mutteringsofafool

    There really is nothing appealing about doing yoga with a bunch of naked middle aged women is there? Naked news sounds like some clever man has managed to make the playboy channel acceptable 🙂

      • Willie

        Nudism is life style just like anything else in life. No one has the right to judge it. Yoga is a place to relax to relief of stress and not to look at other people’s bodies. But we all look and have the same thing and why we make a big deal of what people look like? I like taking people to nude places, because once there no thinks of being nude after 5 to 10 mins. Just try it before you judge it.

        • Brinda

          Yes I fully agree with you.Im a25 year old female.I perform nude yoga and I have no hesitation to do it before my students.

          • Willie

            I am glad to hear from a smart lady 🙂 By the way where you teach if you don’t mine. I am from CA and looking for a class if you can guide me, thanks.

  • veggieman

    It it unfortunate how close minded many of these post are. I believe the human body is beautiful and should be celebrated as such. Nudism has been a part of human history long enough enough to merit at attempt at understanding it, if not at least showing a little respect. While it might seem culturally taboo to you, there is much depth into the theory guided by many nudists. We can learn a lot about our culture and ourself by walking in the shoes of a different philosophy, or perhaps taking those shoes off 😉

  • Jeff

    Nobody’s being forced to do nude yoga, are they?
    Clothes minded control freaks are worse than exhibitionists – they do more damage culturally… and they give me the “heebie jeebies”; so I choose not to be one.
    That was easy!

  • Who Cares?

    this article disgusts me, and it’s not the naked yoga.
    because you’re not comfortable with your body doesn’t mean you should stick your nose up at people who are.

  • Max

    What’s being Canadian to do with sanitizers? pray outline this aspect of your national heritage.