A Merry Muslim Christmas

This year, we had our first Ashraf Christmas dinner – halal turkey with all the trimmings! In England, whenever we were home over Christmas, we would put up our tree and enjoy the sparkly beauty of the tinsel and lights, and the festive, feel-good vibe. Usually though, the Christmas holiday period would be an opportunity to visit my husband’s family in Edinburgh, where there would be no tree, or gifts or Christmas dinner…

The Spirit of Giving

After finishing his breakfast at the Lumberjack Restaurant, Windsor, a couple of weeks ago, an anonymous diner picked up the tab for the other twenty-odd patrons. According to waitress Tina Boomer, “He said, “Tell me what I owe, add $20 a head for each person in here and add an additional $40 for tipping.” The total was more than $500. He told staff not to tell anyone until he had left the building.

Corruption in Canada

We can all name a few lawless locations in countries around the world, where the authorities are authorities in name only – parts of Mexico, Pakistan, Afghanistan, readily spring to mind. But what about Canada – good old calm, conservative, wouldn’t-dream-of-being-rude Canada?