Requiem for Jenna Morrison

Jenna Morrison
Image courtesy of the Globe & Mail

Yesterday approximately 1000 people took part in a ghost bike ride in honour of Jenna Morrison, a wife, mother, daughter and yoga teacher, who was expecting her second child when she was killed by a truck. Turning right off Sterling Road, moving into the westbound lane on Dundas Street West, she was clipped by the truck and while it continued to turn she was thrown under the back wheels and suffered massive head injuries. She was riding to pick her son up from school. She had his helmet with her and was wearing her own. She died at the scene.

Cyclists from all over Toronto gathered at Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue and rode to the scene of the tragedy, where a white-painted bike was affixed to the spot where she was killed.

Toronto tops the list of fatal cyclist collisions among major Canadian cities. Coming from Europe I had never come across such hostility between cyclists and motorists as is apparent here in Canada. Drivers believe they own the road and that cyclists should stick to paths and trails. They make no space for cyclists, often forcing them onto gravel shoulders or into ditches. I sometimes think Canada is about twenty years behind the times…

Whitby Shores, Whitby, Ontario

By Aisha Ashraf

An autistic Irish immigrant in a cross-cultural marriage, Aisha Ashraf is the archetypal outlander, writing to root herself through place and perspective. Published in The Rumpus, The Maine Review, River Teeth, HuffPost and elsewhere, her work explores the legacy of trauma, the nature of being an outsider and the narrow confines of belonging. She currently lives in Canada.


  1. Canada unfortunately, is not alone in this. The US also has hostile drivers against bicyclists. Here in NC it is the law that bicyclists have the right of way as much as a vehicle but many people do not know this law or they chose to ignore it.

    It is a sad thing that happened and unfortunately there will be many more.


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