Peace Day – Spread the word…

Please take the time to watch this video. If everyone could find just a few minutes in their lives to think about what they can do, however small, to bring a little peace to this battle-weary world, we would be one step closer to making life better for ourselves and the next generation. You won’t find a more all-encompassing cause anywhere. If we make peace, we create a pathway, a conduit for good. If we can stop the fighting in Africa, the food aid can get through, if we can stop the fighting in Afghanistan, women and children can benefit from having jobs and education.

Just a smile can be enough to soften a hardened heart, to make a made-up mind reconsider…being the first to say “Sorry”, can turn things around, create peace out of conflict. Try to understand everyone’s point of view, whether or not you agree with it, see what you learn. These are things we can ALL do.

Go and Google Jeremy Gilley, (there ya go, I’ve done it for you!) listen to what he’s got to say… Watch this and learn about One Day Of Peace

We all know a great idea when we see one. We all wish we had thought of it first, but by getting involved, we can share in its success – a success that will make life better for everyone. What can you do today?


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