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He what? Typo makes sexy novel even racier –

He what? Typo makes sexy novel even racier –

Writing can be a risky business at the best of times; baring your soul, putting yourself “out there” for all to read. Will anyone be interested? Will anyone care? In the truncated words of Brendan F. Behan “All publicity is good publicity.”

I suppose, one seemingly insignificant detail can net you a whole new readership…


  • Ermilia

    I have to disagree with Mr. Behan. Not all publicity is good, some of it can certainly be bad. Bad PR may get your name out there, but it does not get people supporting you by purchasing your merchandise. In this situation, I don’t think it was good or bad. I dread something like this happening in our novel and I’m surprised no one caught it. How many people edited it? Editing your own work is a nightmare, but an agent/editor/beta reader should have noticed that and brought it to the author’s attention.

    • expatlogue

      If you can afford the services of a skilled publicist, I imagine it’s possible to manipulate peoples perceptions once you have their attention. Getting the attention is the hard part, hence “publicity stunts”. But how many struggling writers can afford to get the likes of Max Clifford in their corner. In a situation like this, it must be agonising to think that people have the wrong impression of you, I am almost wincing on the authors behalf! Apparently these days, fewer and fewer people enter the job of Proofreader/Editor. A warning for all writers…

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