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Tractor-trailer powers through blizzard

Earlier this week I mentioned how the current freeze reminded me of our first Canadian winter, four years ago. UK southern softies fresh from London life, we had none of the protective, insulating clothing most Canadians take for granted and thanks to the cost of relocating and astronomical insurance rates for foreign drivers, it was a year before we even had a car. In Canada. Home of Drive-Thru everything, where Car is King.

We used to play “Spot The Pedestrian” from our living room window, they were so few. My husband cycled to work through blizzards, and grocery shopping for a young family of five was a trial of endurance – when Pampers were on offer I walked 3.5km home through the snow with a jumbo box under each arm!

Click through to my Expat Focus column and read my full description of what it was like to be cold and carless in Canada… I’d love to hear your comments!




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  1. Enjoyed your Expat Focus column, a car definitely must make life so much easier in those temperatures. Hate taking my buggy out in the snow and we only have for a few days at a time here!!!

  2. With the best will in the world, this puts me off moving to ANYWHERE cold! ;)

  3. I do not think I could cope with that much cold!

  4. I love the Winter but I have no idea how you’re coping in that cold x x

    Take care!

  5. Wow. Every time I think about moving to North America the cold is what stops me. I find it too cold here in London… I really don’t think I could handle Canada cold. I have a friend who just move there and every time I talk to her I freeze on Skype ;)
    Orli D recently posted…Flying CakesMy Profile

    • The only reason I can live with it Orli, is because I know the summer will be hot and humid – Toronto is almost tropical in the summer months with temps reaching into the forties.

  6. Nope, I’d be bored with snow after 3 days.A southern wimp I am.
    Aly recently posted…World Of Beard- Benedict CumberbatchMy Profile

  7. Cycling in a blizzard, I think that might be classed as insanity. I’m very impressed though!

  8. Yes we southern Brits are real wusses about the cold. Rather you than me in all that snow!! Love your Blog btw – the simplicity and layout are very easy on the eye :)

  9. I dont think I will cope! I hate snow!
    Eileen Teo recently posted…Giveaway: Win a set of Sweet Mandarin sauces and Cookbook #CNY #5My Profile

  10. Southern and proud!
    Jenny recently posted…How to transform an Ikea table into a Lego Duplo tableMy Profile

  11. I bloody love that photo – I can see I am going to need to take up knitting to make you some extra thick socks! x

  12. Can get fairly scary, when we had -17 to -12 for weeks on end we even heated the garage to stop the pipes from freezing. Snow boots and down jackets essential.

  13. Brrr! Can feel the cold! 3.5m through the snow? I wouldn’t want to walk to the corner shops.
    Vaidehi recently posted…Lynley Dodd’s Hairy Maclary and FriendsMy Profile

  14. Lovely image and a great comment about the southern softies. I’m definitely one of those! When we were in Canada a few years ago every time I skied I bought another item of clothing when I reached the bottom of the piste. How lame!

  15. I love winter but brrrrr so cold! I don’t think I could cope!
    mummy of two recently posted…Siblings January 2014My Profile

  16. Now I love snow, but I am really not sure I could live with it all the time!

    • Not sure I could either Kara! Many people seem to think Canada is cold all year round – while that may be truer for those living in the Yukon Territory bordering Alaska, I can assure you further south we have four seasons just like you. Here in Ontario we have scorching summers with temps reaching the forties and Heat Alerts issued. That’s one of the reasons I LOVE Canada so much – a proper Winter and a proper Summer, the best of both worlds :-)

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