Unexpected Benefits

Altruistic expat, AECOM's Khawar Ashraf

As globe-trotting project manager with international conglomerate AECOM, it never crossed Khawar Ashraf’s mind that the rewards of expat life would include an opportunity to grace the pages of a glossy magazine.

Global Living Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine for global citizens who consider the world their home – and playground.

With articles on world travel, fashion, music, art and other culture, luxury real estate, expatriate life, world-class cities and more, Global Living Magazine is geared to a high echelon of influencers around the world – including expatriates.

Although I’m a contributor, I can’t claim any credit for K’s centrefold (almost!) status. The idea for the series “Expats Giving Back” came from the talented imagination of colleague and fellow writer Anne O’Connell. I just happen to have married a great case study.

If your interest is piqued by the antics of altruistic expats, or if you’d like to read my piece, “5 Secrets of Successful Relocation”, here’s the link you need to order your print or digital copy. There’s an opportunity to preview before you purchase.


  1. Isn’t that fabulous! Yes, this can happen when you are an ex-pat… Your life takes on a new dimension (and that of your “other half,” too!) Awesome and congratulations to you both on your achievements. You are doing so much!

    • *shouts from Cloud 9* “THANK YOU!”

  2. Very exciting, congrats to Khawar! (You, too.) I’ll grab a digital copy and check it out soon.

    • Thanks. We thought so too!

  3. Hi Aisha, I was just as thrilled to see the ‘centrefold’ when I opened the magazine! And, thank you for the plug… it was very humbling to write about Khawar and Hayley and also encouraging to see the good work being done all over the world. If anyone can think of an expat who lives in Africa or Europe and gives back to their adopted community, let me know! Those are the continents we’ll feature next in the series.

    • Will have a think and let you know if anyone comes to mind 😉 Great article Anne and a pleasure working with you.

    • Hi Anne, my husband & I have lived in southern Africa for over 8 years. What would you like to know??

    • Thanks Eleanor but Anne and K made it all happen – I just sun myself in their reflected glory :-)

    • Oh God! Don’t tell him that! He’ll be insufferable 😉

  4. Great stuff :-) Will give the magazine a browse.

    Hubby told me once how he was approached years ago to be a model. I said ‘oh, why didn’t you go?”. He say’s something like, how could he move to Istanbul and be away from his family!!

    I can safely say ı don’t have a global minded husband!



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