Crash Course in Canadiana

I know that working your way through the latest tome from Lonely Planet isn’t for everyone, that’s why I’m bringing you this…

In just under three minutes, you can take in some landmarks, pick up some of the lingo (eg.two-four: a case of beer containing 24 bottles) AND gain an insight into the Canadian psyche. Oh, and you’ll be all prepared to sock it to ‘em on the dance-floor when you hit the town of an evening! Perfect!


  1. Hilarious!! :)

  2. I didn’t know I wanted to be Canadian, but now I realize I do. This is too cool to overlook. I’m still skipping goose poop and raising the cup! Thank you for this moment of enlightenment!

  3. Canada being the country I’m currently in love with (well, BC if I’m honest!), I now realise why. Thanks for sharing…

  4. This is a much better video (still a cheesy song) than I believe what is the original.


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