Drive-Thrus Done to Death

My husband often says that everything this side of the pond is designed with the convenience of car users in mind, and he should know – he’s a transportation engineer! It was one of the biggest culture differences to come to terms with when we first moved to Canada from the UK, ranking #1 on my list of 5 Things No-One Tells You that I shared in my column over at ExpatFocus earlier this month.

Today at school pick-up, as I described the goldfish experience of being scrutinised by the drive-thru queue while having coffee at Tim Hortons, a friend happened to mention drive-thru wakes in the US. Yes, you heard me right – drive-thru wakes…

Many thanks to Caroline for this gem of cultural curiosity.

What do you think? Will it catch on this side of the border?


  1. For some reason I am not being notified of your new posts. Anyways, I don’t think it will catch on in any meaningful way. I feel like the most random things happen in the US but they chalk up to people saying ‘Americans’ and then forgetting it even exists.

    • Hmmmm, try unfollowing and following again. I think you have a point there – we tend to throw our hands in the air and cry “What have those Americans done now?” when really it’s just some mom&pop set-up out in the back of beyond that never gets replicated anywhere else, although there was another one of these in Pensacola 😉

      • Uh oh, maybe an emerging trend? The minute I sent my last message I looked in my reader and saw this post so, um, magic? Working now.

  2. It’s not so much the drive-through aspect that I think is bizarre (i’ve obviously lived here too long) but the idea of putting a corpse on public view and having people come by and take photos that freaks me out. It’s like a department store window! Truly a “what were they thinking?” moment.

    • That was my thought too! There didn’t seem to be any kind of vetting of viewers… *shudders*
      But seriously, how sad that even the passing of life doesn’t warrant making an effort to look smart and going out of your way to your respects. I admire America for it’s entrepreneurial spirit, but sometimes it seems as though nothing is sacred.


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