I have a Moving Story to tell…

Vegemitevix - Moving Stories 13I’ve always been firmly in the Marmite camp when it comes to the Vegemite/Marmite debate, but having got to know Vegemitevix I have to conclude that not all things Vegemite are to be spurned! 

The lovely Vicki is a Kiwi expat living in the UK, a fellow travel blogger and book-lover, who followed her heart and embraced adventure. The other week she asked me if I’d like to take part in her Moving Stories series where expats reveal the real decisions and situations they find themselves wrestling with, in their own words. I’ll definitely be checking out the e-book when it’s published, but in the meantime, why not zip over and have a nose. Expats telling it like it is… Here’s my contribution.


  1. I left my comments on the Vegemite/Marmite blog! (I prefer Marmite!!) I didn’t know about your husband’s family – that must have been terribly hard for you at that point.

    • Thanks for commenting Emma, Vegemitevix is a great blog, I hope you enjoyed your visit! As for the in-laws, yes their timing left a lot to be desired…

  2. Thanks for your comments. They’re great, they completely eclipse your lack of taste in yeast spreads. ;-p x

    • Why how magnanimous of you to say so! Thank you ;-)

  3. I was a Marmite baby, then became a Vegemite convert, now both have a place on my kitchen shelf. I pick and choose based on my mood. I prefer Vegemite on my toast, Marmite on my sandwiches. I like to rub my finger around the jar for both when almost empty. Lovely stuff.


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