25-reasons-why-Canada-rocks25 Reasons Why Canada Rocks (PHOTOS).

This is an interesting insight into how Canadians view themselves and their country. But it leaves out so many things I think Canada has a right to feel proud of, and draws attention to some that don’t do it justice. (pssst, Bieber is something to live down not big up!)

Ketchup flavoured crisps and Presidents Choice can’t compete with the wide variety of organic products and easy availability of produce direct from the farmer. Not to mention the smorgasbord of global cuisine that’s available in the larger cities.

The inclusion of William Shatner’s “scream” gives no clue to Canada’s thriving culture scene and the importance given to creative expression. From the country who gave the world the Group of Seven painters, whose contributions to cinema come from names like Paul Haggis, James Cameron and David Cronenburg and where world-famous photographers like Yusuf Kursh and Edward Burtynsky developed their talent, there are unknown depths of artistic energy. Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel and Michael Ondaatje are all writers who proudly call Canada home. With a vibrant stage, screen and concert hall scene, and radio still playing a strong role in bringing this art right into people’s homes, Canada is a creative force to be reckoned with, underfunded, but unfettered by class or accessibility.

Drugs may be cheaper here than in the US but they are still wildly more expensive than the UK where you can buy a pack of painkillers for the equivalent of 50 cents. And as for “candy” bars – HA! I laugh in the face of a Coffee Crisp, for I have tasted “proper” chocolate.The volume of Dairymilk carried back home in American suitcases is testament to its gastronomic superiority.

The sheer beauty and diversity of the natural environment and the bond the Canadian people continue to have with it gets only a cursory hockey-themed mention – more Canadians go “back to their roots” at the cottage than visit Cuba!

reasons-why-canada-rocksThe No. 1 reason “Canada Rocks” MY world, has to be the freedom and acceptance people from different cultural backgrounds enjoy here. Not being born or brought up in Canada doesn’t warrant treatment as a second-class citizen in the same way it does in some other countries. Here, difference is celebrated rather than tolerated and given the pugilistic state of world affairs today, that’s no small feat.

It’s great to live in “The true North Strong And Free!”