15 clues you're in Canada, Canada flag


You know you’re in Canada when…

  • Every other vehicle on the road is a pick-up truck
  • Hydro means electricity not water
  • Fine-dining is a “gourmet” hamburger
  • Bryan Adams and Celine Dion STILL get regular airtime
  • You’re directed to Craigslist or Kijiji for everything from a new phone to a new house
  • People eat their muffins with butter and call pasta noodles
  • Your snowblower has more miles on the clock than your car
  • Bedbugs make the news
  • Back gardens double up as ice-rinks in winter
  • You know how to wear a toque and what to do with “Timbits”
  • Public parks have as many barbecuesΒ as benches
  • You have Canadian Tire money in various locations around the house
  • You’re always within 10 feet of a hand-sanitiser dispenser
  • The term “Homo milk” doesn’t make anyone giggle
  • …and you can buy that milk in a bag

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