“What’s your niche?”

It’s a question every blogger faces. Now I wouldn’t say I’m claustrophobic, but I find being catalogued creatively limiting. If you take into account my change of name, change of religion, change of country, amalgamation of culture, I think you’ll agree I’m kinda difficult to pin down.

I blog about whatever I feel a strong connection to. I don’t write to fit into a group – I write from a passion to communicate about something. I don’t schedule my blogs, they appear here as they materialise in my head. I just like sharing my thoughts with you.


My writing subjects tend to fall into three broad groups: Expat Life, Mental Health and Intercultural Relationships. I have experience in all of these fields that I can bring to bear on the general perception of them. I like to share what I’ve learnt.

I want to smash some of the myths and misconceptions that keep the crap in this world circulating.

So, I’m asking you, yes You, and you too – readers and fellow writers alike – for some advice here. Is there stuff you want to see more of? Is there stuff you just wish I would stop going on about? Do you think I even need a niche?

Same goes for those of you who, for whatever reason, don’t normally comment. I know you’re there and I’m glad you stop by, so go on…I dare you!! Make an exception just this once. It won’t take long and I’m asking because I want to know what YOU think. It’s your opportunity to make this blog reflect your thoughts too.

I can tell you one thing though… I won’t be making the mistake of sharing my thoughts on “Nude Yoga” again anytime soon. I’ve been getting more disappointed pervs washing up here than Japanese flotsam on a B.C. beach…