The Versatile Blogger AwardThe Unexpected Traveller has magnanimously bestowed upon me the honour of The Versatile Blogger Award.

So, it’s down to me to pay it forward to a few worthy bloggers. Here’s what I could muster:

There must be something in there for everyone! Now I have to tell you “7 Thing’s About Me”:

  1. I hate mushrooms
  2. I have eaten snails though, work THAT one out!
  3. I smoked marijuana in a convent
  4. I was once recommended to become a professional show-jumper
  5. I learnt to play the violin (badly)
  6. I set off the fire alarm at school (it was an accident, honest!)
  7. I almost joined the Royal Air Force as a Navigator

There we go, as they say in Canada, “I’ve done my doody!”

Over and out!

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  1. Thank you for the mention! 😉
    Can’t believe you ate snails…yuck, yuck, YUCK!

    • Lol! The garlic butter was the best bit, if I’m honest!

      • It would take more than garlic butter to persuade me to eat snails. It makes my trotters twitch in horror just thinking about it!

        • How do you feel about Pigs in Blankets?

          • You had me there for a moment, never heard of Pigs in Blankets! Thank goodness for Google.
            I know them as sausage rolls…:). I like the ones I make because I know what they are made of…I eat very little processed food too many poisons.
            That’s a whole new debate :)
            However, on balance, I would sooner eat a fellow pig, climb to the top of Everest, eat worms (err maybe not worms), than snails any day!


  2. Thank you for paying it forward! :) You made my day do much better!!!!

    • Glad to spread a little happiness. Keep up the good blogging. :-)

  3. Is the fire alarm incident related to the marijuana one? Just wondering …

    Thanks for the linkback!

    • Haha! In no way whatsoever… I like to pepper my incidents of notoriety liberally and consistently throughout my lifetime. It wouldn’t do to have them too close together!
      Thanks for the nomination!

  4. Why thank you, I’m doubly appreciative for having been doubly bestowed by both you and by The Unexpected Traveller! Now what I’m trying to piece together is show-jumper and flight navigator: does one avoid certain foods while the other bravely scarfs anything down? Then there’s the BIG question: what were you doing in the convent (with or without pot)?? Thanks again for thinking of me 😉

    • What can I say Linda…I’m a woman of many talents and many secrets! Keep reading and you may get some answers!

  5. Thank you for passing this award on to me! It may take me a while to comply with the conditions but I’ll get around to it, I promise.

    • It took me a while to get around mine too! I look forward to perusing your list of blogs to check out :-)

  6. This is the third time the Versatile Blogger Award has come up while I’ve been blog surfing today. I think it must have gone viral! I’d love to hear more about the convent pot smoking incident. How naughty.

    • Hahaha! Whatever your thoughts on pay-it-forward blogging awards, they sure do unearth some little gems, eh?


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