The Versatile Blogger AwardThe Unexpected Traveller has magnanimously bestowed upon me the honour of The Versatile Blogger Award.

So, it’s down to me to pay it forward to a few worthy bloggers. Here’s what I could muster:

There must be something in there for everyone! Now I have to tell you “7 Thing’s About Me”:

  1. I hate mushrooms
  2. I have eaten snails though, work THAT one out!
  3. I smoked marijuana in a convent
  4. I was once recommended to become a professional show-jumper
  5. I learnt to play the violin (badly)
  6. I set off the fire alarm at school (it was an accident, honest!)
  7. I almost joined the Royal Air Force as a Navigator

There we go, as they say in Canada, “I’ve done my doody!”

Over and out!

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