Welcome to my world, an exploration of culture and identity through the eyes of a mixed-race, expat family (currently based in Canada), and a voyage into the volatile waters of life with Asperger’s and Bipolar  – it’s all here, captured through words and images in my ExpatLog.

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“I am in between. Trying to write to be understood by those who matter to me, yet also trying to push my mind with ideas beyond the everyday. It is another borderland I inhabit. Not quite here nor there. On good days I feel I am a bridge. On bad days I just feel alone.”

 Sergio Troncoso, Crossing Borders: Personal Essays

Different Cultures

Expat life and mixed-race marriage

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Different Realities

Living with Asperger’s and Bipolar II

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Expats Are Born Not Made. Discuss

When life doesn’t promise anything except possibility it seems a shame to turn your back on such a generous gift.

Marrying into a different culture – The clash of East and West

Let’s just say my husband’s decision to marry a ‘ghori’ wasn’t a cause for celebration among his relatives.


Back-To-School With A Snowbird Fly-Past

On the first day back at school Canada’s elite flying team will thunder overhead in heart-stopping, window-rattling characteristic tight formation.

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

My teens saw the start of overwhelming, unshakeable mood swings that would colour the rest of my life.

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Humor & Depression

Between the ages of twelve and thirteen I discovered being funny made switching schools easier. I found this poem I wrote back then that could have applied to the comic luminary we lost earlier this week.

Where Have You Been?

I’ve mentally written and re-written the start of this post a thousand times over but when it came to putting it on the page I always lost my nerve. It never sounded right…

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Jack Scott, author
Aisha writes with intelligence, insight, depth and wit about mental health and cross-cultural issues.”
Farzana Hassan, author
Aisha is a gifted writer with fabulous insights.”
Jo Parfitt, writer, publisher
“…a lyrical writer”
Lorraine Sommerfeld, writer, columnist
You mine your childhood in a rich, non-victim way. I admire that, and I admire your skill.”

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