Ever wonder what it’s like to move abroad and start over in a new country? These posts will help you research expatriate life.


An Irish lass and a Pakistani boy bridging cultures through marriage. Read about our life as a mixed-race family.


Living day-to-day with mental illness takes strength and patience regardless of whether it’s yours or someone else’s. 

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign."

Robert Louis Stevenson

Recent Posts

Point & Shoot: #foodporn

Weekends in our house are all about the food (this is, after all, home of the #epicbreakfast) so be prepared for shameless foodporn photography…

Word Association & Borderline Personality Disorder – Tell Me What You Really Think

I want to do a little experiment and I need your help – no previous experience required…

The Fall: Down The Mental Health Rabbithole

Since the successful treatment of my Borderline Personality Disorder twelve years ago I’m proud of my eight-year treatment-free run but not too proud to recognise when my lucky streak’s looking shaky…

BPD: Suspended Animation

Like a helium balloon, I hang, connected by a single thread to all that’s solid and real. I’ve been like this all week. And last week. And the week before that…

Point & Shoot: A Weekend Of Sugar & Ice & All Things Nice

Friday was a PA day so the weekend started early for us…

Point & Shoot: Shopping in a snowstorm

Our weekends generally follow a familiar pattern: breakfast like kings, lounge around in PJ’s until the afternoon, then get out and do something with the remainder of the day…

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