“I am in between. Trying to write to be understood by those who matter to me, yet also trying to push my mind with ideas beyond the everyday. It is another borderland I inhabit. Not quite here nor there. On good days I feel I am a bridge. On bad days I just feel alone.”

Sergio Troncoso, Crossing Borders: Personal Essays

“A good story, told often enough, puts you in rooms never occupied…”

Mary Karr, The Art of Memoir

Why This Writer Needs Other Writers

Here I am, back in the blogging chair. My plan to nix other writing commitments (no frivolous blog posts or freebie feature articles – I iz a serious writer now) and pour all my creativity into ‘The Book’ didn’t pan out as I imagined…

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Grandad’s Ghost, or, How To Fuck Up A Funeral

Time, so boundless at first blush, is a shrinking prison, and it now seems to me ever more important to know the truth, to render the furrows ploughed into memory as accurately and authentically as possible.

How else can you know who you are?

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How People With Autism Fake It

Recently, the mere anticipation of writing has resulted in instant mental paralysis, until this morning when I spilt an entire cup of coffee – the second in a fortnight. To put it succinctly, I lost my shit.

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From the archives

Vanishing Point - losing my mind to anorexia

I weighed just 91lbs but the burden of anorexia was incalculable.

Telegraph poles disappearing into the sunset

Expat Lasts – A Life Of Goodbyes

Always anticipating the call for last orders expats tend to neck Life’s opportunities like it’s Happy Hour.

Marrying into a different culture – The clash of East and West

My husband’s decision to marry a ‘ghori’ wasn’t cause for celebration among his relatives.


Leaving Islam - the greatest jihad?

Goodbye Islam, this is where I continue my journey on a path you can’t follow.